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There Are Numerous Factors That Make The Regions Of Jammu And Kashmir Unique In It’s Own Way. For Instance, It Is The Only State In India Allowed To Have It’s Own Flag. Moreover, It Is Also The Only Indian State Where The Citizens Are Allowed To Keep Indian Citizenship As Well As Kashmiri Citizenship, Thus Carrying The Idea Of Dual Citizenship. Kashmir Possesses India’s Longest Railway Tunnel, The Pir Pinjal. Moreover, The Pir Pinjal In Kashmir Is Also The Fourth Largest Railway Tunnel In The Entirety Of Asia.

There’s No Differentiated Rainy Season In Kashmir As It Receives Limited Rainfall. However, Kashmir Provides A Sizzling Climate Throughout The Year Due To Being Situated On Much Higher Altitudes. Srinagar, Kashmir Is The Summer Capital Of The State, Whereas Jammu Is The State Capital During The Winter Season.

Ladakh Offers Heavenly Sights To All It’s Visitors Through It’s Mesmerizing Natural Beauty Filled With Scenic Landscapes, Exquisite Flora & Fauna And Serene Rivers & Lakes. Add This To Thrilling Adventures Experiences, Alongside Amazing Shopping Spree In The Local Markets And Mouthwatering Local Cuisine, And You’ll Sum Up An Unforgettable Experience Made Of Countless Joyful Memories.

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